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Istria, or in other words Croatia

Istria is a peninsula in the northeastern part of the Adriatic Sea. Located 1,200 kilometers from Warsaw, it is extremely easy to reach for tourists from Poland, because it can be reached in about 12 hours by driving the motorway. Today, a large part of the peninsula belongs to the territory of Croatia, but its turbulent history dates back to the times of the Roman Empire, which is why it is often called Little Italy.


The Istrian peninsula or simply Istria is a unique and extremely charming place. The calm waters of the Adriatic Sea almost brush the coast, which is why many towns are located right on the shore, which further increases their attractiveness. The mild climate and warm summer favor tourism, and the hospitality of the inhabitants encourages them to stay here longer. Istria tempts with amazing views. The peninsula is surrounded by a multitude of small islands, picturesquely scattered in emerald water. Here even the sun sets differently, slowly, majestically, as if celebrating every minute. In this specific performance, cicadas hidden in the leaves of olive trees play their hypnotic concert. Oleanders bloom everywhere, and majestic cypresses proudly sprout their branches. Virtually every city is worth visiting here. Poreć tempts with boulevards and beautiful, exclusive hotels. Tourists who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city will surely find something for themselves.

A few kilometers south is Vrsar – a wonderful, intimate family town with many restaurants serving seafood, traditional meats and delicious local wine. There are three beaches in the city, each one is different, each one is unique. The old town and the church tower towering above remember the times of Venetian rule. At the foot of the city, the marina with expensive yachts almost embedded in the rocks gives a sense of luxury.

You cannot be in Istria without visiting Rovinj. He is bigger than Vrsar, more lively and fun. Known as the pearl of the northern Adriatic, it also shines at night, hosting tourists with tasty dishes from family taverns and restaurants. You can’t get bored here, and the city doesn’t seem to fall asleep at all.

The city of Pula is situated in the very south. It is a large industrial center with a trading port and a shipyard. Its character does not differ from that of most Mediterranean port cities. It’s noisy there, and thousands of tourists wander the narrow streets of the old town in search of the best shots. Pula inherited the majestic Colosseum from the Roman Empire, which is not much inferior to the Roman values.

The southern part of the peninsula’s coast consists of sharp cliffs and almost vertical cities. However, they do not lack charm and just a few kilometers from Rijeka we reach Opatija and Lovran, which take tourists straight to the Italian and French Riviera. Tall cypresses and spreading date palms, vertical trees and sun-heated walls create an unforgettable cocktail of impressions.

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