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PANEK in Shopping Centers

You can park your car from PANEK Rent a Car for free in Shopping Centers 

PANEK Rent a Car and PANEK CarSharing closely cooperate with many shopping centers and business parks throughout Poland. Thanks to partnership agreements, the Shopping Centers have provided PANEK Rent a Car and PANEK CarSharing Car Rentals with advantageously located parking spaces in their car parks. There you will find dedicated, specially marked places where you can leave PANEK Rent a Car cars. Dedicated places marked with the PANEK logo are located in convenient places near communication routes and entrances to the facilities.

Free parking spaces for cars from PANEK Rent a Car and PANEK CarSharing are available during the working hours of Shopping Centers, and some even 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The list of dedicated parking spaces in Shopping Centers and Business Parks can be found HERE