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Long-term rental – one invoice

A noticeable advantage of PANEK Rent a Car car rental over the competition is the possibility of receiving one invoice for the entire rental service, also for all vehicles rented by the entrepreneur. The undoubted advantage of such a solution is the fact that the invoice for the rental of a car or a fleet of vehicles is not treated by financial institutions as a monthly charge to the customer and does not affect the creditworthiness.  Why is this happening? Well, the client of PANEK Rent a Car does not include the rented vehicles in the fixed assets register, and the rental itself is only a service, not a purchase of a car. The customer does not conclude a contract for a specific vehicle, which is depreciated in his company, but only uses it, the car is only a tool that provides the service. The rental agreement can be concluded for a definite or indefinite period, and as part of the cooperation, you can increase or decrease the size of the fleet, and, if necessary, replace the vehicle with another under the same contract.  One invoice for the rental of vehicles at PANEK Rent a Car is therefore a very beneficial solution for the company, but also for private customers who can also use such a solution. It should also be remembered that the contract of renting a car in PANEK rental company is a Full Service service, i.e. it includes all costs and additional services related to the use of the vehicle, such as: service, assistance, tire replacement, insurance or car replacement.