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Prague – a new point on the map of PANEK Rent a Car in the Czech Republic

The capital of the Czech Republic is a city that is easily accessible by car from virtually every city in Poland. The road from Warsaw should not take more than 8 hours, from Katowice about 5, but from Wrocław less than 4. From September 3, 2022, this journey can be shortened by using the air connection, and then rent a car from PANEK Rent a Car in the Czech Republic and still feel like home. 

Road traffic regulations – PANEK Rent a Car in the Czech Republic  The Czechs started to expand their road infrastructure much faster than Poles, which is why all major cities are connected by a network of highways and expressways. However, it should be remembered that toll roads and motorways in our southern neighbors are tolled. In addition, on January 1, 2021, a new toll collection system was introduced and the existing vignettes stuck to the windshield were replaced with an electronic vignette, and the camera system only scans the car’s license plates. Before entering the Czech Republic, you must therefore purchase an e-vignette (e.g. on the official website www.edalnice.cz), and a confirmation in the form of a PDF printout must be in the car in case of inspection. A 10-day vignette costs CZK 310 (about PLN 54).  You should also pay attention to specific regulations regarding additional car equipment, such as spare bulbs, fuses or reflective vests for all passengers, which must be in the cabin of the vehicle from the rental company. We also pay attention to the very meticulous checks by the Czech police. You can get a fine here for speeding by as little as 4 km / h. 

Tourist attractions in Prague – PANEK Rent a Car in the Czech Republic  The most important place on the tourist map of Prague (apart from the PANEK Rent a Car rental office at the airport) is certainly Prague Castle, which is also the largest building of this type in the world. The President of the Czech Republic has been residing here since 1918, and the building includes a castle, outer bailey, defensive walls, the famous Golden Lane and the Cathedral of St. Greets. Second on the list of attractions to visit is the Jewish Quarter, located next to the Old Town, which was not destroyed during World War II. The reason is simple: Hitler intended to create an Extinct Race Museum here, and for that he needed exhibits.  The Old Town Square and the Town Hall are the places where you can meet the most tourists. We recommend climbing the Town Hall tower, from where you can admire the beautiful panorama of the city and the red roofs of historic tenement houses. In turn, the astronomical Orloj clock is a construction from the beginning of the 15th century, considered by the Czechs as the greatest treasure. Legend has it that the creator of the clock – Master Hanusz, after he finished his work, was blinded that he would never construct anything better and more beautiful. 

An absolute must-be in Prague is a visit to the Charles Bridge, considered by many to be the most important monument of Prague and a symbol of the city. The building was built in the fourteenth century and is guarded by a dozen or so gothic figures of saints. A huge crowd of tourists want to take a picture here, and the buzz does not stop practically around the clock. 

After an exhausting walk, you should have a good meal. The capital of the Czech Republic is one of the best culinary addresses on the map of Europe. Good food is perfectly combined with the national drink of the Czechs – beer. However, it should be remembered that although in the Czech Republic you can find beer almost everywhere, the traffic regulations are very precise in terms of driving a car after consuming alcoholic beverages. Driving under the influence is considered a criminal offense, and the permissible limit of alcohol concentration is 0 ‰ in both blood and exhaled air. Very high penalties, up to CZK 50,000, can be imposed for violating the regulations. So if you fancy a glass of cold Pils, give the keys back or leave your car in the parking lot.  Prague is not by chance one of the five most visited capitals in Europe. You will definitely come back here more than once, enchanted by the wealth of architecture, the specific atmosphere of the city and tasty cuisine, and then at the airport you will be waiting for you comfortable and safe cars from PANEK Rent a Car.