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Low deposit fee with our Full Protection Package.

There is no need to convince anyone about the pros of choosing full insurance coverage for a rental car. Like in our business we minimize the risk of failures as well as during the cooperations with our partners so we nothing leave to chance.  A perfect examples are cases where we are not able to predict the risk, for example traffic. We have heard multiple times how things have gone wrong. We parked the car in the parking lot but someone scratched the bumper. We parked along the sidewalk, a mirror in our car was hit. Most often such incidents are not our fault and we have no influence on course of events. In order to protect yourself and your budget against such accidents, we have special full insurance packages for you, thanks to which you will be able to indulge in the pleasure of traveling, without fear for the vehicle you are driving.

At PANEK Rent a Car, we know how important insurance protection is and we appreciate our clients choosing protection packages, so when using the Full Insurance Coverage option in our offer, we will charge a minimum deposit of PLN 150 when signing the contract.

Full Protection includes the following packages:

SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver) – Insurance that waives the total liability for damage to the vehicle

TP (Theft Protection) – protection against theft

WDP (Window Damage Protection) – protection against glass damage

TDP (Tire Damage Protection) – protection against tire damage

Important information is that with rentals longer than 7 days, the price of full insurance coverage drops to 1/3 of its value from the 8th day of rental for each day above the seventh day. Therefore, the reduction in the rate has a significant impact on the final cost of renting a car at PANEK Rent a Car. With a 10-day rental, the cost of insurance for a car in group C is PLN 99 for 1 day to 7 days and PLN 33 for the other days. The total cost of the package is PLN 792, so the price for 1 day is only PLN 79.2.

The costs are even more attractive in the case of a longer rental. Considering 14 days, the unit cost will be PLN 66, and taking under consideration a 20-day rental, only PLN 56.10, which is slightly more than half of the base rate. These simple calculations show that it is absolutely worth investing in full protection, the more that even the deposit of PLN 150 ceases to be relevant with longer contracts.

As always, our consultants from the Customer Service Office are at your disposal at the telephone number: +48 665 800 000 and at the address [email protected]