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PANEK Rent a Car with the option of delivering the car to the indicated address.

At PANEK Rent a Car, we focus on the full convenience and comfort of our customers, which is why we can deliver each ordered car to any place indicated by the customer. It does not matter if you need a car to your place of residence, hotel or the place where you are currently at, our PANEK driver will deliver the car safely and always on time.

As the largest Polish Rent a Car company, we have branches in 34 cities throughout the country. The car can be picked up in one of them, or we can deliver it to the indicated address within the city where the PANEK Rent a Car branch exists. The cost of such a service is only PLN 100. By choosing delivery of the car by the driver, you gain time that you would have to spend on reaching our office and you can be sure that the car will be safely delivered to you.

Moments before going to the theater, for a wedding or a family event is always a stressful moment. Shirt is not ironed, tie does not fit, flowers need to be picked up and there is not enough time to go to pick up the car from the rental company. At PANEK Rent a Car, we know it very well, which is why we offer you to deliver your car to the indicated address. Our drivers are always at your disposal whenever the need arises. You can choose the option of delivering the car in the form on the website www.ipanek.pl or during a conversation with the Customer Service Office. We cordially invite you to take advantage of our offer.