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Reduced deposit of PLN 99 + additional driver for free

The Corpus Christi holiday and the following days off are traditionally the second, after Majówka, Spring Long Weekend in Poland. This year the holiday is on June 3, but we have prepared a special promotion for you from May 28. For all rentals with the Full Protection package, made between May 28 and June 6, we reduced the deposit from PLN 150 to PLN 99. In addition, we give the option of adding a second driver to the contract without any additional fees.

The benefits of our promotion are limitless. The first one is the minimum deposit amount of PLN 99, secured for the contract, which becomes a marginal factor. The second, more significant benefit is that two people can drive your car. Thanks to this solution, drivers can switch turns during long journeys, which is a huge factor affecting driving safety. In addition, in the case of another event, such as illness or fainting, which will not allow the main driver to drive the car, the other driver authorized in the contract can easily continue driving.

An additional driver in the PANEK Rent a Car rental contract costs PLN 15 / day. This is a very attractive offer, because compared to another leading department, Rent a Car, the PANEK offer is 10 PLN / day cheaper. However, the economies of scale apply to even the lowest amount. With a 10-day rental, the second driver costs PLN 150, and for 20 days, PLN 300. In our special promotion, the customer can forget about these additional costs.

It is worth mentioning that all drivers specified in the car rental agreement are covered by Full Coverage, which includes:

SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver) – Insurance that waives the total liability for damage to the vehicle

TP (Theft Protection) – protection against theft

WDP (Window Damage Protection) – protection against glass damage

TDP (Tire Damage Protection) – protection against tire damage

We cordially invite you to book cars on special conditions from May 28 to June 6.

As always, our consultants from the Customer Service Office are at your disposal at the telephone number: +48 665 800 000 and at [email protected]