The Art of sharing

On Children’s day borrowing child seat is free!

Children’s Day is a holiday for all our children, who, as we perfectly understand, are waiting for gifts on that day. For us, it is a perfect opportunity, which will be also a gift for both parents and children, because the safety of the youngest passengers is the most important thing. Each client, whose rental is scheduled for June 1, will be able to rent a car seat for 1 child for free!

At PANEK Rent a Car, we care for children of all ages, which is why we provide certified seats in each of the four weight categories:

0-18 kg

9-36 kg

15-36 kg

car seat for older children

Renting a car seat costs PLN 30 per day at PANEK Rent a Car (you pay up to 10 days). When renting and picking up the car on June 1, 2021, you will receive 1 car seat or seat for the entire rental of the car. In the case of a 3-day rental, you will save PLN 90.

There is no need to convince anyone about the necessity to set up the seat. Apart from the fact that it is a legal obligation, only a seat well suited to the weight and size of the child will protect our children. At PANEK Rent a Car, you will pick up the car with a correctly installed car seat.

All of our car seats are equipped with the ISO-FIX fastening system, which is a homologated and also the safest way to attach the seat to the car structure. The belt must pass through specially designed restraints and must be routed like an adult belt, i.e resting over the child’s collarbone. Otherwise, it may turn out to be dangerous. Remember also that you can get a fine not only for transporting a child without a seat, but also for its incorrect installation.

We cordially invite you to take advantage of our offer, and spend the saved amount on playing together with your children, because the child sits in each of us.