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Mazda 6 – a beauty that does not age

There are cars on the market that still look fresh and elegant even many years after their market debut. Journalists describe such projects as timeless. One of such models is the Mazda 6, which has been operating in its current form for 9 years! The latest versions are available at PANEK Rent a Car. 

The 3rd generation Mazda 6 has managed to undergo two rejuvenating treatments since 2012, the last one exactly three years ago, i.e. in 2018. Malicious people may argue that such a long life of the model today is a sign of a lack of ideas for being competitive, but we dare to say that it is exactly the opposite and the fact that, from where else, a very successful design is reaching its 10th birthday is behind absolute strength and the phenomenon of the Japanese brand. Interestingly, it was the last facelift, thanks to which Mazda received a completely new interior, that made customers often ask about the availability of the car when talking to the Service Center employees.

In a class of its own 

There is nothing to say, drivers look for the “six”. All thanks to a very successful design and great body proportions. A long bonnet, a gently marked cabin and a sloping roof line make the Mazda’s slightly sporty character conceal a great deal of elegance. Changes have also been made to the headlights and the front bumper, but the most striking thing is the tasteful front end.

The biggest changes, however, took place in the interior of the Japanese limousine. Here you can talk about a real revolution, because the Mazda 6 got a completely new dashboard. And this is the best replacement that the designers could decide on, because we spend most of our time in the car. And here the user can feel like in a completely new car. Both the finishing materials and the interior drawing refer to the elegance presented by the sedan’s body. Mazda, which has been peeking into the premium saloon through the open door for many years, is already there with one foot. The ergonomically shaped cockpit favors the driver. The seats are very comfortable and the driving position is sporty. It sits low, but the impression is very positive. I am glad that the Head-Up Display indications went directly to the windshield. The shape of the rear seat suggests that it was designed for two people, and indeed, the middle passenger should be a slim person. However, there is plenty of space for the legs, and the inclination of the backrest can be considered close to the ideal. The trunk is roomy and although we are dealing with a sedan, it is not difficult to pack.

Naturally aspirated tradition 

The manufacturer scrupulously resists downsizing, adhering to the principle that power comes from capacity, and exhaust cleanliness standards can be achieved not only by using small, supercharged engines. Taking the path against the tide is a very bold move, but Mazda still succeeds. The driveline, although it does not have turbo compressors and compressors, copes fantastically with a large sedan. The SkyACTIV-G 2.0 liter gasoline engine produces 145 horsepower. It is not a speed demon, but it pays tribute to a fantastic work culture and absolute reliability. I guess that’s what the cars we want to drive on vacation should be like?

The Japanese have a lot of experience in losing weight by implementing old Japanese philosophies. One of them is the gram philosophy, where each element weighs exactly as it should. Malicious people will say that it saves on materials, but one thing is certain: the sedan, 487 centimeters long, equipped with a set of assistance systems, weighs only 1,450 kilograms. Such a good result is revealed when driving fast on the highway, where the unloaded engine can be satisfied with seven liters of fuel for every 100 kilometers. The engine is mated to a six-speed automatic gearbox that can shift gears imperceptibly.

To sum up: Mazda 6 is a cleverly designed, perfectly assembled, comfortable car for everyday use, with a powerful engine. Families will probably choose an equally elegant but more practical station wagon, but in terms of style, the sedan definitely wins.