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SEAT Ateca – Spain in a nutshell

In the SEAT family, it stands right between the family Tarracao and the city Arona, and seems to be the most versatile of all three Spanish SUVs. Its utility values ​​are also confirmed by drivers using PANEK Rent a Car, who very often ask about the availability of this family car. Very often, it is the first impression that makes us like something or not. The silhouette of the SEAT Ateca strongly resembles its bigger brother Tarraco, but due to its shorter length it has slightly different, sportier proportions. The body has a lot of lightness and is nicely drawn, and the car looks almost filigree from a distance and it is easy to mistake it for the smallest Arona in the range. Fortunately, this is only an illusion, because the interior is not cramped or even lacking in space. However, not everyone knows that it was the Ateca that appeared on the market as the first of the family of elevated models, it was also the first model of the CUPRA brand, which is the sports incarnation of SEAT. 

Strength in versatility 

We know the dashboard very well from other models of the Spanish manufacturer. In our assessment, we will go even further and risk saying that it is almost identical to the previous generation of SEAT Leon! It is a well-thought-out procedure, which is designed to make the user feel that he is sitting in a car that he knows perfectly well. In this way, a bond is built with the customer who, if he wants to change to another, larger model, does not have to worry about having to learn how to use the car anew. Traditionally, the central part of the dashboard is occupied by a large display of the multimedia system with navigation. Here is a plus for readability and ease of use. The menu is intuitive and finding individual functions does not take too much of the driver’s attention. The number of “buttons” has been kept to a minimum and placed at the bottom of the screen. Another plus is leaving the physical volume control knob on. The armchairs are spacious and I must admit very comfortable. They seem to have been carried over from the larger model here. Behind the wheel is nice and comfortable, and the fleshy steering wheel makes you want to hold in your hands. Passengers sitting in the rear should not complain about the lack of space, and the highly contoured backrest of the sofa and a comfortable armrest allow for a pleasant relaxation. The rear backrests can be folded down naturally to expand the luggage space if necessary. The trunk itself is stackable and has a space equal to 510 dm3.

Proven technique 

Under the hood of the SEAT Ateca there is a gasoline, turbocharged 1.5 EcoTSI unit with 150 HP. The modern engine has the function of disconnecting the two cylinders during quiet driving, and also on descents it can turn off and go into the so-called “sailing” mode. All this to save fuel and not emit harmful substances. The engine is accompanied by a seven-speed dual-clutch DSG transmission that transmits drive to the front wheels. It is a configuration whose task is to ensure maximum comfort while covering long distances. Test drives showed that the gearbox changes gears very smoothly, although in SPORT mode it can make its presence felt especially during downshifts. However, this is absolutely intentional, as the transmission program is designed to simulate the performance of the high-performance “claw” structures known from motorsport during dynamic driving. The Ateca also turns out to be a quite dynamic car. It reaches the first 100 km / h in 8.5 seconds, and decent torque available from 1,500 rpm helps to accelerate dynamically on the road.

To dance and to… the city 

In the city, Ateca reveals her second face. The car with a length of less than 4.4 meters turns out to be very handy in everyday use. You can easily park it in tight spaces, and tossing your shopping in the trunk is pure pleasure. Visibility is improved by large exterior mirrors, and the emergency braking system is to ensure the safety of passengers and other road users. 

To sum up, the SEAT Ateca, located exactly between the large Tarraco and the smaller Arona, turns out to be a very interesting choice for family trips, which you will also be able to maneuver easily in the city. Proven technology from the Volkswagen Group and a dose of Spanish finesse have made it possible to create a car that is extremely versatile and at the same time very user-friendly. The only thing left to do is reserve one copy at PANEK Rent a Car.