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OPEL Corsa – German dad, French mom

It’s been 39 years since the premiere of the first generation in 1982. During this period, almost 13.6 million units of the five-generation small Opel have hit the streets of European cities, and the sixth series cars will certainly continue the success of the hit with Russelsheim. The latest Opel Corsa are available. also at PANEK Rent a Car.  

Michał Garbaczuk is testing  

The new generation of the Corsa is based on a platform developed jointly with Peugeot, within the PSA group (today Stellantis after its merger with the FCA group). This modern design allows for the adaptation of various drive systems, especially ecological ones. The car is therefore available on the market in versions with a classic combustion engine as well as an ecological, emission-free electric drive. “

Rich interior 

The PANEK CarSharing car rental company selected 1.2 Pure Tech combustion engines in versions with a manual 6-speed gearbox and an 8-speed automatic transmission. Cars can be rented in Katowice, Bydgoszcz, Poznań and other cities throughout Poland. The latest Corsa offers many technical solutions and accessories that increase comfort and safety. The assistance systems include, for example, the vehicle collision alert system, speed limit cruise control, lane assist and speed limit sign recognition. A pedestrian detection system and driver fatigue detection system are also available. Therefore, we can risk a statement that there is a complete set of solutions necessary for safe navigation in crowded cities on board. The equipment is complemented by: automatic air conditioning, a multimedia system with a 7-inch touch screen, and a split rear seat. The two-color painted models look particularly attractive, where the graphite metallic harmonizes perfectly with the black roof, pillars and 16-inch rims. The car looks dynamic and the body line has many sporty features.

King Size for everyone 

In the era of cars increasing with each generation, it may come as a surprise that the sixth version of the Corsa is only 39 mm longer than its predecessor. Malcontents will say that it is nothing, but in this way the luggage compartment capacity increased by 24 liters, and the use of a flat floor allowed to find a spacious cabin. What’s more, the latest version of the “city dweller” from Russelsheim has outpaced its bigger brother – Opel Astra of the first generation, and the second generation also surpasses in many aspects. The position itself behind the wheel is very comfortable, and the spacious seats with good back support are designed in accordance with the AGR certificate (Action for Healthy Back). The amount of space in the rear seat is also surprising. Two tall people will easily sit here and will not complain about the lack of space for the head and knees.

Today, in the context of communication with the world, access to smartphone applications is very important. So that everything is safe and in accordance with the traffic code, the Opel multimedia system is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, as well as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, thanks to which the phone applications are available on the center display, while the smartphone sits quietly in a safe place.

French heart 

Cars available at PANEK Rent a Car are equipped with 1.2 Pure Tech gasoline turbocharged engines with a capacity of 100 HP. This 3-cylinder unit has been awarded many times for its excellent parameters and work culture. While driving, you do not feel the “lack” of one cylinder, and the throaty gang turning beautifully into the engine revolutions turns out to be very pleasant to the ear. The engine is mated to a manual 6-speed gearbox and an 8-speed automatic. Both boxes make the car eagerly accelerate and the drive is very pleasant. However, my heart was stolen by the version with a fast automatic, which changes the individual gear ratios velvety and almost imperceptibly. It is also the best solution if we want to stay calm in big city traffic jams, because driving is simply not tiring. We don’t have to stress ourselves constantly swinging the gear stick and pumping the left calf. In addition, a well-functioning lane-keeping system will protect the driver from the effects of momentary inattention.

Fit in German 

Pragmatic Germans understand that a city car should be handy in… a city. So they fought for the weight of the vehicle. They used an aluminum bonnet and the entire body is 40 kg lighter. The seats underwent a slimming treatment, and the weight of the engines was reduced by an average of 15 kg. As a result, the new Opel Corsa weighs 108 kilograms compared to the previous version and its drag coefficient is now Cx = 0.29! The car turns out to be quite maneuverable, and the good visibility around it gives you better orientation in narrow streets. Allocating the Corsa to the B segment does not mean, however, that the car will not be able to cope outside the city. On the contrary! The little Opel is perfect for weekend trips, and driving is a lot of fun. The combination of German handling and French finesse made the car a very comfortable means of transport, and the small engine is satisfied with symbolic amounts of fuel. You can easily achieve a result of around 5 l / 100 km outside the city. Interestingly, cars with manual transmission turn out to be a bit more economical in this case. 

Opel, after being taken over by the French concern PSA, clearly caught a second breath and with a slightly too coarse, correct car to move from A to B, it became a light and sophisticated companion for comfortable trips outside the city. This is great information for everyone who wants to take advantage of our proposals for autumn trips, because in order to comfortably go to the Bieszczady Mountains, you do not have to focus only on more expensive offers, and you can easily choose an affordable B-Class or B-class automatic machine. Of course, you will find the cars at PANEK Rent a Car, but if you are planning a trip and are not sure if you can fit into the Corsa, I would like to remind you that just 2 weeks ago, a fleet of 300 brand new cars joined the ECONOMY + Group in PANEK CarSharing. Cars travel all over the country in 150 zones and can move between them. Just open your PANEK CS app and try the Opel out for a short drive.