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OPEL Corsa in PANEK Rent a Car

In the era of cars increasing with each generation, it may come as a surprise that the sixth version of the Corsa is only 39 mm longer than its predecessor. Malcontents will say that it is nothing, but in this way the luggage compartment capacity increased by 24 liters, and the use of a flat floor allowed to find a spacious cabin. What’s more, the latest version of the “city dweller” from Russelsheim has outpaced its bigger brother – Opel Astra of the first generation, and the second generation also surpasses in many aspects. OPEL Corsa from PANEK rental is suitable not only for the city, but also for longer trips.

Back-friendly seats – OPEL Corsa from rental  The position behind the wheel is very comfortable, you sit low, but both the seat and the steering wheel have a wide adjustment that allows you to perfectly match the position of most Europeans. The seats themselves are constructed in accordance with the AGR certificate (Action for Healthy Back), so you will feel the differences from the competition from the very beginning. It is actually very comfortable here and healthy for our backs. Surprisingly spacious for a city car, there is also a compartment for passengers sitting on the rear seat. Two tall people will easily sit here and will not complain about the lack of space for the head and knees.  Connection with the world  OPEL Corsa from PANEK rental is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to make phone calls and play music. Full integration with the smartphone, however, is ensured by Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, thanks to which the phone’s applications are available in the central display, while the smartphone is quietly in a safe place. This modern adaptation also allows the use of satellite navigation and phone maps, which are displayed on the central screen on the dashboard.

Familiar engine  OPEL Corsa from PANEK Rent a Car is equipped with a 100 HP Pure Tech 1.2 turbocharged gasoline engine. This 3-cylinder unit has been awarded many times for its excellent parameters and work culture. While driving, you do not feel the “missing” of one cylinder, and the throaty gang twisting the engine revolutions turns out to be pleasant to the ear. There are 6-speed manual gearboxes available from the rental shop, but the 8-speed automatic gearbox is the most recommendable one. Firstly, the Corsa becomes a very pleasant car to drive, and secondly, it does not tire in traffic jams at all. Interestingly, the automatic transmission does not have a complete impact on the increase in fuel consumption.  Extensive equipment – OPEL Corsa from the rental company  The latest Corsa offers many technical solutions and accessories that increase comfort and safety. The assistance systems include, for example, the vehicle collision alert system, speed limit cruise control, lane assist and speed limit sign recognition. A pedestrian detection system and driver fatigue detection system are also available. Therefore, we can risk a statement that there is a complete set of solutions necessary for safe navigation in crowded cities on board. The equipment is complemented by: automatic air conditioning, a multimedia system with a 7-inch touch screen, and a split rear seat.  OPEL Corsa from PANEK Rent a Car has undergone a serious slimming treatment, as a result of which the car weighs 108 kilograms from the previous generation, and the drag coefficient is now Cx = 0.29! And you can actually feel it! The car turns out to be very agile and dynamic enough. The small OPEL is perfect for weekend trips, and driving it is a lot of fun. The combination of German handling and French finesse made the car a very comfortable means of transport.

After being taken over by the French concern PSA, OPEL clearly caught a second breath and with a slightly too coarse, correct car to move from A to B, it became a light and sophisticated companion for comfortable trips outside the city. You can find the cars, of course, in PANEK Rent a Car.