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By car from the rental company – The most beautiful routes in Poland

The weekends are getting warmer, the days are getting longer and it is getting somehow more optimistic outside, so in the coming weeks we will present you the most beautiful tourist routes in Poland in our opinion. All you need to do is rent a car at PANEK Rent a Car, pack your family or friends and go. On the route, we provide a lot of attractions for all participants of the trip. At the beginning, the route is a loop that surrounds the Poprad valley in Beskid Sądecki.

This route, not known to everyone, is one of the greatest attractions of the Beskid Sądecki, i.e. the mountain range around Nowy Sącz and Krynica-Zdrój. The road is winding, sometimes very narrow and demanding, but no one makes you rush. The purpose of this route is to show the most beautiful views, which are actually breathtaking in places.  The Poprad River, like the Dunajec River, also begins in the Tatra Mountains. When it flows into the Beskid Sądecki, it creates a gorge, dividing this mountain range into two parts: the Radziejowa Range and the Jaworzyna Range. In the section Mniszek – Muszyna, the river meanders very much, creating picturesque bends, the most interesting of which is “Łopata Polska” in Żegiestów Zdrój, where Poprad seems to turn back towards Stary Sącz.

It is best to start the route in Nowy Sącz to reach Stary Sącz, where our road really begins. From here, we will quickly get to Rytro, where you can admire the ruins of a medieval castle. The building is erected on the top of the hill at an altitude of 465 m above sea level. was most probably erected at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries. The first mention of the castle comes from 1312, and its foundation is ascribed to king Władysław Łokietkowo.  Going further south, we reach the village of Piwniczna-Zdrój, established by a decree of King Casimir the Great in 1348. The city was an important point on the trade route to Hungary. Due to the valuable sources of mineral waters, in 1884 the town gained the name of a health resort. The waters are characterized by a high content of magnesium and calcium ions, soothing the digestive system and anti-inflammatory. The biggest attractions include: the observation tower on the top of Eliaszówka, the Regional Museum, the historic market square and the Spa Park.  Heading further south we come across Muszyna. The town aspires to the name of a health resort, is dynamically developing in the tourist direction and offers tasty mineral waters and a modern Active Recreation Park. It is also worth stopping in Powroźnik to visit the historic Orthodox church, entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List.  The section leading to Krynica-Zdrój is an attraction in itself. The views, cliffs, countless rock formations, meanders meandering along with the river and forest tunnels make you want to cross this route several times and new attractions appear on it each time. If you have time, it is worth taking advantage of rafting on boats. It is an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

A mandatory stop is Krynica-Zdrój, which needs no introduction. It is one of the largest and most important resorts on the map not only of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, but of the entire country. In addition to the Spa Park, it is full of quiet walking and cycling routes, while lazy people are recommended countless pubs and cafes serving delicious dishes and sweets. Krynica-Zdrój can also boast one of the most developed and diversified accommodation bases in Poland, so it can be a goal in itself.  Recently, the section from Krynica to Nowy Sącz is worth overcoming by visiting one of the interesting nature reserves. We recommend Łabowiec, Borowiec and Uhryń. It is also worth visiting the beautiful 18th century brick church in Łabowa and the Stadnicki palace in Nawojowa, which was founded in 1580. The trip ends in Nowy Sącz, where it is worth stopping for a longer time to admire the Blacksmith Tower, the Market Square and the Synagogue.