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OPEL MOKKA – modern SUV at PANEK Rent a Car

After the acquisition by the PSA Group, OPEL began its new automotive journey. The first model to use Peugeot and Citroen solutions was the largest SUV in the range – the Grandland X. Along with the new model, MOKKA also received a set of components from its new owner, but still tries to maintain its individual German character. The fleet of PANEK Rent a Car is now joined by a beautiful, not only city SUV – Opel MOKKA.This is the case with the modern automotive and technology market in general that manufacturers exchange technologies to offer customers the best solutions. Most often, however, it is simply cheaper if the group offers one proven formula for success and supports the individual character of individual brands. It can be assumed that this scenario was also implemented when designing the latest incarnation of Opel MOKKA. It turns out, however, that today’s drivers and users do not mind it at all, because they are less and less interested in where the technology comes from, it is important that it is durable and attractive, and the body provides adequate driving comfort and attractive multimedia. 

Modern and economic engines 

Information about the takeover of Opel by the PSA concern from General Motors was the best that could have happened to this brand. Modern floor plates and a dynamic and economical drive unit are exactly what Opel has lacked in recent years to compete for the most demanding customers. MOKKA speech is a thoroughly modern car. Under its hood, the 1.2 Pure Tech, the most awarded 3-cylinder gasoline engine in recent years, is characterized by high torque and remarkable flexibility. To meet the preferences of customers with different requirements, PANEK Rent a Car will offer versions with a 100 HP engine and a manual 6-speed gearbox and a 130 HP engine working with both a manual gearbox and an 8-speed automatic transmission. Driving this car is really fun and comfortable. The more powerful drive version has a torque of 230 Nm available from 1750 rpm. This allows for an almost immediate response to the accelerator pedal and acceleration to 100 km / h in 9.2 seconds. Of course, everything takes place in silence, and the passengers’ ears can only hear slight sounds of flowing air. The automatic 8-speed PSA gearbox is one of the most refined of its kind on the market. The gears are changed in an absolutely velvety manner, exactly as everyone would like it to be. The version with manual transmission is only slightly weaker and has a slightly lower torque of 205 Nm, which also translates into a slightly weaker start to 100 km / h (10.6 s), but also here the gearbox allows for a very smooth ride, especially in the range of higher speeds. Both versions are similarly fuel-efficient and can be satisfied with up to five liters of gasoline for every 100 kilometers.

A reference to history 

By building MOKKA, Opel strongly marked its individuality and over 100 years of heritage. The whole new model range has gained a completely new “look”, however, referring to cars from the 70’s and 80’s of the last century. In the front section of MOKKA we can find references to the Manta and Ascona models. We believe that this stylistic reference to a rich history is most successful and the car is simply nice. Additional stylistic highlights are the prominent wheel arches emphasizing the sporty character of the car and the chrome strip that starts on the hood in the area of ​​the windshield and runs through the pillar, and then through the entire roof, to the tailgate. It adds lightness and elegance to the entire body line.The interior of MOKKA is surprisingly spacious and will certainly seat 4 adult passengers. Noteworthy are the spacious seats that can be adjusted in several planes and the multi-functional steering wheel that is well-placed in the hands, which additionally has been slightly flattened at the bottom so that you can get in and out of the car more comfortably. In the back there is enough space to comfortably set off on a longer journey, and the luggage compartment with a capacity of as much as 500 dm3 will easily accommodate the luggage of friends going on a weekend trip to Sopot.

Rich equipment 

The cars that join the fleet of PANEK Rent a Car are well-equipped. Most are equipped with sensors and panoramic reversing cameras with a 180-degree viewing angle, as well as rain and dusk sensors. All of them are equipped with heated seats, and some cars also have heated steering wheels. We have also not forgotten about the navigation system that works with the 7-inch display and the Bluetooth connectivity system, as well as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. There are also safety systems on board: driver fatigue detection system, collision detection system with automatic braking system at low speeds, pedestrian detection system, cruise control and lane keeping system.The cars that go to PANEK Rent a Car are models that we choose with care to ensure not only safety, but also comfort. Confirmation of this is the latest Opel MOKKA, which is just entering the offer of PANEK car rental.