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Where to ski? Th. 3

The uniqueness of Krynica lies in the fact that it is a health resort. Therefore, there is no problem with finding accommodation, diversified base, in terms of quality and size, will allow virtually everyone to feel good. There are several five-star hotels in the center of the village, but on the more quiet outskirts you will also find exclusive resorts such as: Czarny Potok and the Dr Irena Eris hotel. Well-known booking portals offer a whole range of facilities for rent. Krynica Zdrój is well connected with the rest of Poland, and access by car from the PANEK rental shop should not take longer than 6 hours. 

Krynica Zdrój 

The largest ski center in the Krynica Zdrój region is Jaworzyna Krynicka, on the summit of which is a 6-person gondola lift. Departure to the upper station of the cable car at an altitude of 1114 m above sea level. is an introduction to the world of snow madness. There is a snow park with many obstacles and there are several blue and red ski runs, the longest of which is 2,600 m long, and a black FIS-certified run awaits the ski champions.

Jaworzyna is not the only place in Krynica Zdrój where you can ski. Practically in the very center of the city, there is the Henryk Ski center, where not only advanced skiers will feel good, but above all families with children. There are two four-seater chairlifts in the resort that take skiers up a 1,800 m long piste, and there is also a zone for the youngest followers of Alberto Tomba and Lindsey Vonn. The Kubuś belt lift will help you overcome your first fears, and experienced instructors will help you learn. There is also a large gastronomic zone on the slope.

The third, but not the last, center is Słotwiny, also located within the city limits of Krynica Zdrój. Perfectly prepared and groomed ski runs turn out to be perfect for skiers who have not yet reached the championship level, as well as for those who want to improve their skills by themselves or under the supervision of an instructor. It is wide and even here, which is why Słotwiny will be an excellent proposition for families with children.

All three presented ski resorts are located within the city limits, but in three different locations, so it is good to use a car from PANEK Rent a Car to efficiently reach each of them.


In order to take advantage of the ski offer in Muszyna, it is necessary to travel by car rented from PANEK Rent a Car, The village has an interesting resort, Dwa Doliny – Wierchomla, which offers skiers several routes connected with each other by lifts. The longest – Wierchomla 1 is 1800 meters long and has a 4-seater chairlift. We also recommend the 1000 m long Toczek T-bar lift, where you can improve your carving skills. Of course, there is also a zone for children and a wide gastronomic offer, which includes: Bacówka in the middle of the exit from Wierchomla, Kanapkarnia on the top, Pierogarnia by the Polanki lift and a large restaurant at the bottom station. For less technically advanced skiers looking for peace, we recommend the Kokuszka resort near Piwniczna, offering extremely intimate, even family attractions and wonderful views.


Only 5 kilometers by car (of course rented from PANEK Rent a Car) you will get to Tylicz. It is probably the fastest-growing ski infrastructure in Poland, which today can be an alternative to the leading ski stations in the country. The organizers’ aspirations can be seen at every step, both in the ski offer, as well as in the accommodation and Apres Ski. The largest ski center is Tylicz.Ski, offering attractions for the whole family. There are two chairlifts and three T-bar lifts operating here. The longest ski run is 1,200 meters long, but from the top station, there are four different routes downhill. You can also use snow tubing on site, but the resort has also prepared 6 kilometers of cross-country ski trails.

The Master Ski station is an excellent example of the rapid development of the ski offer. Today, a chairlift and two T-bar lifts operate here, but next season it is planned to open a 6-seater chairlift with a length of 1000 m and two routes of varying difficulty. The resort also has a snow park with attractions for snowboarders, a toboggan run and a playground for children.

It turns out that Krynica Zdrój and the surrounding towns offer plenty of attractions for skiers, but not only, because resorts and hotels also tempt with other attractions. Everyone will find something for themselves here, and you will get to the place in the most comfortable, well-equipped car rented from PANEK Rent a Car.