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Regardless of age and gender, everyone wants to drive SUVs today. The boom for cars with an elevated body has also taken over car manufacturers, because if customers want to drive them, why not? SEAT currently offers 3 such models: the family TARRACO, the versatile ATEKA and the agile city ARONA. The last two were included in the PANEK Rent a Car rental offer.

A swashbuckling look – SEAT ARONA from the rental company  Seat ARONA, despite being the smallest SUV in the range of the Spanish manufacturer, is not a small car at all. The sharp shapes of the body conceal a very spacious interior for a minimum of 4 people, and a very comfortable position behind the wheel and comfortable seats deserve a distinction. It is also one of those models that cannot be clearly said to suit a woman or a man. This is an undoubted advantage of a little Spanish woman, because the group of recipients of this model is extremely wide.

New blood – SEAT ARONA from the rental company The cars that are offered in PANEK Rent a Car are well-equipped FR versions with a sporty flair. The very look at the car body evokes sympathy. The two-color body with a black roof, spoiler above the rear window and large wheel arches has a truly sporty look, and this impression is enhanced by the steering wheel covered with leather, flattened at the bottom, and additionally decorated with red stitching. Similarly, the dashboard and gear lever gaiter have been trimmed, and the seats have been contoured to better hold the driver’s and passenger’s body when cornering.  Not only urban car 

The car was designed primarily for use in the city, but the experience with the fleet of cars used in the PANEK CarSharing rental confirms that the car is also great outside the city. A luggage compartment with a capacity of 400 liters, large for this class, will accommodate luggage even for a longer trip. This is a huge advantage of a small SEAT.

Driving pleasure  The car drives great, and the precise steering system and springy suspension even provoke you to go with the car to areas where the turns are tighter than usual. The SEAT ARONA from PANEK rental is equipped with a highly cooperative, 110 HP 1.0 TSI 3-cylinder petrol engine, coupled with a 7-speed DSG automatic dual-clutch gearbox. This combination is almost perfect, ensuring not only decent performance, but also low fuel consumption. The car accelerates to 100 km / h in 10 seconds and is able to accelerate to speeds far exceeding the speed allowed on the highway of 140 km / h.  Due to the good fit of the plating elements and appropriate soundproofing materials, the car is quiet and pleasant, only the engine screwed in at higher revs makes itself felt with a bass rumble. The SEAT ARONA from the rental company is a great choice not only for getting around the city, but also for longer trips. This is definitely one of the most universal models in the PANEK Rent a Car offer.