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The southern region of the Czech Republic

The southern region of the Czech Republic surprises with its diversity. On the one hand, tourists are attracted by beautiful views, on the other hand, monumental castles and unique monuments. And although the Czech Republic is famous in the world for its beer production, the specialty of South Moravia is wine. Today we present places that you can easily reach with a car rented in the newest PANEK rental office in the Czech Republic, at the Prague airport.

Brno – the capital of Moravia

 The city is the capital of the region and its history goes back to prehistoric times. Brno experienced the greatest boom twice: the first in the late Middle Ages and the second in the second half of the 19th century, and was associated with the industrial revolution. The castle of Spilberk, which is now a museum, remains of the former fortress, and the largest and most characteristic monument in the capital of Moravia is the medieval cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. However, you will feel more thrill when visiting the ossuary at the church of St. James and the crypts in the Capuchin monastery, where the mummified bodies of monks and benefactors of the order are located. In turn, a modern monument worth seeing is the modernist Villa Tugendhat, entered on the UNESCO list. 

The Macocha Zapadlisko and the Moravian Karst – PANEK in the Czech Republic

A bit north of Brno there is a natural attraction worth seeing. It is an abyss called the Macocha Zapadlisko, about 130 meters deep at the bottom of which a tiny, emerald lake has formed. Here you can also visit picturesque caves, and most of the route is covered by boats. 

Breclav – Former town of the Lichtenstein family

This small town is named after the Czech prince Brzetysław. In the Middle Ages, there was an important stronghold here, a stronghold, and several interesting monuments have survived to this day. The most interesting is the Liechstenstein Palace, which owes its present appearance to the fantasy of the owners who lived in this place in the 19th century. They decided to turn a neglected Renaissance residence into a romantic ruin. Today, the building houses a vineyard where you can spend an interesting afternoon and climb the lookout tower. The city also has one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in the Czech Republic and a modernist church built in the 1990s on the site of a historic temple that was destroyed during World War II.

Lednice-Valtice – two palaces and a garden

The heritage of the Liechtenstein family covers an area of ​​several dozen square kilometers, with space for two palaces, gardens and ponds. Gothic castles were rebuilt in the later epochs in the classical and baroque style. The residence in Valtice presents the Baroque style, and the one in Lednice – rare, neo-Gothic English. It is worth spending some time here walking and admiring the beautiful park also known as the “Garden of Europe”.

Znojmo – undergrounds and vineyards -PANEK in the Czech Republic

Located on the Czech-Austrian border, Znojmo is one of the most charming towns in South Bohemia. It was founded in the Middle Ages and although it did not escape the effects of wars, there are still some valuable monuments here. Particularly noteworthy is the rotunda, which was said to have been built by prince Brzetysław, and its interior contains extremely valuable frescoes. It is worth strolling through the beautiful old town and visiting the Gothic church of St. Nicholas and climbing the hill, from which there is a beautiful view of the Dyje valley. The city also has an underground tourist route, and in addition, like most border towns, it is famous for wine production. One of the most interesting wineries operates in the Louka monastery. There is also a museum of this drink here.

Mikulov – Castle, chapels and wine – PANEK in the Czech Republic

There is also a small town on the Czech-Austrian border, dominated by a huge castle. Everyone driving to Austria knows this place well, because the magnificent structure is visible from many kilometers. It is worth staying here, because Mikulov is one of the most charming towns in South Moravia and not only because of the castle complex. Right next to it, there is the Holy Hill, and on the way to the top you will meet four chapels. The road to the top is quite steep but the views are worth the effort. The city is known for its fine wine and endless vineyards growing on the surrounding hills.