The Art of sharing

You can set up a PANEK CarSharing account in the company’s offices all over Poland!

The smartphone slowly ceases to function as a traditional telephone, and users are more and more willing to use online services. We order food online, we turn TV into streaming services, and we rent a car using the application and only for the time we actually need it. The whole process is automatic, but not everyone who wants to join the car rental service for minutes, hours and days wants to submit their data via the electronic form or cannot do so for regulatory reasons. We are talking, for example, about foreigners who cannot register electronically. For all those who want to enter the service, PANEK CarSharing has made available the option of offline registration at PANEK offices located at airports throughout the country. 

Customers who for some reason do not want or cannot provide their data needed to register an account in the PANEK CarSharing service may appear at the company’s physical offices and on site, with the help of a representative of the largest car service provider in Poland, register their account. Documents needed for registration will be checked by a PANEK employee without the need to scan them, and the remaining data will be provided in words to be placed in the system. The purpose of physical verification is to set up a unique user account, on the basis of which the customer will register the service on his smartphone in the PANEK CarSharing application available in the Google Play and AppStore stores. Each account created in one of the PANEK offices located at airports throughout Poland will be credited with a bonus worth PLN 30, which the user will be able to use during the first trip.

The option of physical registration of the PANEK CarSharing vehicle sharing service at PANEK offices in Poland can be used by every new user with Polish citizenship, as well as foreigners and people using a foreign passport.

The list of PANEK customer service points is available on our website