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PANEK long-term rental – Company fleet on request

In the times of crisis on the semiconductor market, the biggest challenge for companies today is the acquisition of new vehicles that could be used in the company’s operations. Delays in production and deliveries to dealers can reach up to six months or more, and the outlook for the coming year is even worse, as most manufacturers to adapt their model portfolio to CO2 emissions requirements have put more emphasis on the promotion of electric cars. To meet the requirements of Polish customers, PANEK Rent a Car has introduced a long-term rental service for companies, thus providing access to a fleet of over 2,500 cars available immediately. 

European and world car manufacturers, as a result of the pandemic, limited production, thus reducing the supply of components, especially electronics. Today, this is reflected in a hiccup and the supply of new vehicles is under severe threat. There is a shortage of cars at dealerships, and those offered more and more often have an annotation with an undefined delivery date. This situation causes enormous problems in the functioning of many companies that must ensure the mobility of their employees.

PANEK Rent a Car has a fleet of over 2,500 real vehicles available here and now, which is why the offer meets with great interest from business customers. It happens more and more often that a vehicle in a company is needed for a period shorter than a full leasing contract, usually for 3, 4 or even 5 years. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that for many scenarios, the transition to remote work is not a fiction at all, and that the car in the company has become an expensive investment. These costs can be significantly reduced by renting the car only for the period when it is actually needed, without incurring, for example, the costs of depreciation of the vehicle during the lease term.

PANEK Rent a Car constantly offers several thousand cars available immediately, and as a nationwide company, it is able to provide the customer with access to the rental service practically anywhere. An important aspect in favor of the PANEK Rent a Car rental offer is the possibility of exchanging a specific copy for another, different class, in a different color or with a different engine or gearbox, at any time during the term of the contract. The customer can also include additional vehicles in his fleet at any time or disable them if they are no longer needed. The most important feature of long-term rental at PANEK Rent a Car is the possibility of receiving a collective invoice for the service that does not affect the customer’s creditworthiness.