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The original German name Landsberg an der Warthe comes from the words "Land" and "Berg" (ang. Mountain), which are frequent elements of names of German cities. Apart from the main name of the town had locating element, resulting from a large number of cities in the former German Reich with this nazwę. History of Polish name of the city began in early April 1945, when he began to spread the name of Gorzow. The name, though not motivated historically, however, is not entirely accidental - the city was named Gorzow in analogy to Gorzow Slaski in Silesia, Opole, which in German called Landsberg in Oberschlesien, which is a border city ethnic and having a double (Polish and German) tradition of naming. In the initial period of Polish governments it was used as the name of Kobyla Gora, which wywodzono with imprecise, the fifteenth-century description of the boundaries of the city. Gmina kobyla góra name introduced in 1934, r.Stanisław Kozierowski in his Atlas of geographical names in Western Slavs. Modern science does not find any evidence of actual referring to the name of the Landsberg.

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